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How to connect SFTP using FileZilla

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to connect a Linux server with SFTP using FileZilla client.

You need to enable SFTP or SSH access in your Microhost cloud server before logging in to SFTP.

1. Open FileZilla

2. Click on file tab on top in FileZilla.

connect SFTP using Filezilla

3. After that click file open site manager and click on new site.

connect SFTP using Filezilla

4. Open new site and set site name(For Eg:- site1) and change protocol from FTP to SFTP.

5. Enter your server ip or hostname in host field and username and password(root user or normal user which one you have assigned to your website folder) and click on connect.

connect SFTP using Filezilla


Table of Contents