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How to install WordPress on IIS in WIndows Server 2019

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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in hypertext preprocessor language and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database with supported HTTPS. In this article we will learn to install wordpress on IIS in a Windows Server 2019.


  • Windows Server® 2019
  • IIS 
  • PHP (latest version)
  • MySQL (latest version)

Step 1. Login to your win server via RDP.

Step 2. Install IIS (Internet Information Services) if you don’t have it on your server.

IIS is very important to install WordPress on IIS in WIndows Server 2019.

Please see the link below for the IIS installation.

Install IIS through Powershell ----- Install IIS through GUI

Step 3. Open IIS

Click on your server.

Step 4. On the right side, click on Get New Web Platform Components

Step 5. Install Web Platform Installer

step 6. Open Web Platform Isntaller

Step 7. Search for PHP, and install PHP 7.4.13 (x86).

Step 8. Now open your browser and download PHP Manager for IIS. 

Use the link below to download

LINK: Download PHP Manager for IIS

Step 9. Download MariaDB.

Use one of the links below to download

LINK 1: Download MariaDB 10.6.5

LINK 2:  MariaDB downloads page

Enter the password for the root user.

Step 10. After the installation, go to Start Menu and open HeidiSQL

Step 11. Add a new session and change its name from "Unamed" to "localhost"

Step 12. Set a password for the root user. Click save, open

Step13. Create a new database under localhost

Name it "wordp1".

Step 14. Go to the User Manager

Step 15. Click on "Add new user."

Step 16. Set the username as admindb. Set from the host as Access from everywhere

Step 17. Set a password for the new user and retype the password

Allow Global Privileges

Click save, then close.

Step 18. Download WordPress

Use the link to download: WordPress Downloads Page

Step 19. Copy the contents of the downloaded WordPress file.

Step 20. Go to the following location: C:\inetpub\wwwroot

Create a folder there, (we will name it "test")

And paste the copied WordPress contents into this folder.

Step 21. Open IIS
Go to sites and click on Add Website.

Step 22. Set the site name as: APP1

Set the physical path as: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\test

Step 22. Click on "Connect as..." > Specific user > set

Set user name as Administrator

Set user password

Retype the password; click OK.

Click on Test Settings..

Proceed if the connection is valid.

Set port to: 8041

Step 23. Open IIS and open 'APP1'
Open PHP Manager

Step 24. Click on "View Recommendations,"

change the PHP configuration for your machine. Select both options available and click OK.

Step 25. Go to APP1
Under the Actions section, click on Browse *.8041 (http)

The WordPress installation page will open.

Step 26. Select the installation language and proceed.

Step 27. Set the Database Name as: wordp1.

Set Username as: admindb

Type your admindb password

Set Database Host as: localhost

Set the table prefix as: wp_

Click on "submit."

Step 28. Set the Site Title as: APP1

Set Username as: admin

Set Password

Enter your email Id

Check the search engine visibility option.

Click on Install WordPress.

Installation was successful.

Step 29. Login with your username and password.

WordPress successfully installed.

Thank You.

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Table of Contents