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How to change NGINX port in Linux

Step 1: Check the default port by accessing the server IP address in the browser .

Step 2:  Login into the server using root credentials through putty .

Step 3: Open Nginx configuration file with a text editor .

 # vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Press ‘ I ’ for the insert/modification mode .

Step 4: Change the default port of the nginx to the custom port

Before change : port is 80 as shown below in screetshot

After change : Port has been changed to 8081 (here) as shown in screenshot

Step 5 Restart the nginx and network service .

 # systemctl status nginx 
 # systemctl status network 

Step 6: Now check the webserver while accessing the server IP_address:8081  in the browser. 

URL: - http://server_domain_name_or_IP:8081

Thank You :)