Empower Your Infrastructure with Bare Metal Servers

Dedicated hardware with high performance and no virtualization overhead for your most demanding workloads.

Full Control For Maximum Server Flexibility

Utho Bare Metal Gives You Unlimited Access to Your Server's Physical Resources. Enjoy High-Performance CPUs, High-Speed Storage, and Ample RAM for Unmatched Speed and Responsiveness.

Server Control

Experience Ultimate Speed

Direct access to all server resources for faster data processing and reduced network bottlenecks.


Dedicated Resources

Dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and storage. This ensures better performance and reliability for your applications.


No Hypervisor Overhead

Bare Metal servers don't have a hypervisor layer, allowing your applications to have direct access to the hardware, resulting in faster performance.


Customizable Hardware

Complete control over hardware configuration to build a server tailored to your specific needs.


High Scalability

Highly scalable, allowing you to quickly and easily add resources as your business grows.


Unleash Unmatched Performance

Maximize performance with Utho Bare Metal servers. Powered by dedicated hardware, our solution delivers unrivaled speed, unparalleled processing capabilities, and a seamless computing experience.

  • Maximized Performance
  • Powerful Processing
  • Smooth Computing

Have Any Questions?

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Bare metal servers provide dedicated hardware resources, without any virtualization layer, offering superior performance and control. This differs from traditional cloud servers, which share resources with other users and may have virtualization overhead.
Utho's bare metal offering provides enterprise-grade hardware from Dell/HP and Intel's CPU and SSDs at an affordable price, with full resource control and no vendor lock-in.
While bare metal may have a higher upfront cost, it provides greater performance and control, which can ultimately save money in the long run by reducing the need for additional resources or upgrades.
Utho provides comprehensive security measures, including 24/7 monitoring, DDoS protection, and firewalls. Additionally, users have full root access to configure their own security measures.
Yes, Utho's bare metal offering allows for easy scaling with additional hardware resources, including CPUs, RAM, and storage, without the need for complex virtualization management.
Utho provides 24/7 support for all bare metal servers, with experienced technicians available to assist with any technical issues or configuration needs.

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