Optimize traffic with Simplified Load Balancers

Ensure application performance, security & scalability with a Highly Configured Load Balancers. Distribute traffic efficiently across multiple servers.

Distribute Workload - Prevent Overload


Optimize Workload Distribution

Distribute workload and avoid overloading a single server, which can lead to sluggish response times, downtime, and revenue loss.


Robust Traffic Handling

Handle high traffic for e-commerce websites, online marketplaces, social networks, SaaS applications, and any other system that requires fast and reliable performance.

Say Goodbye to Downtime

Distribute incoming requests to your backend servers, ensuring your application can handle any increase in traffic.


High availability

With a load balancer, incoming requests are intelligently routed to the backend, so you can handle any load increase easily.


Seamless Maintenance

Maintain application's performance during maintenance and updates by taking the backend in and out of rotation via the Cloud Manager, API, or CLI.


Health Monitoring

Ensure optimal performance and uptime by monitoring your backend traffic and only routing requests to healthy servers.


Flexible Load Distribution

Handle any workload, from a simple blog to a large application cluster, by balancing any TCP-based traffic, including SSH and MySQL.

Domain Control at Fingertips

Gain the power of domain control in your hands. Manage your settings simply and efficiently.

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Experience Value-Added Features


Secure and Boost User Trust

Utho Load Balancers are equipped with SSL Certificates - completely free of cost. Ensure your users' sensitive data is kept secure while also gaining their trust with the added security layer.


Easy to manage

Just like our cloud servers, it is straightforward and hassle-free. Load Balancers are easy to deploy and simple to configure, so you can get started right away without any additional technical expertise.

Have Any Questions?

Don't Worry, We've Got Answers!

Yes, Utho Load Balancer is built to handle high traffic volumes and sudden spikes in traffic. It can distribute traffic across multiple servers, which helps to prevent downtime and ensure that your website or application stays up and running, even during peak traffic periods.
Utho Load Balancer offers several features that help to ensure optimal performance and uptime, including advanced load balancing algorithms, Encrypted SSL Certificates, and continuous monitoring and management by our team of experts. We use intelligent algorithms to distribute traffic evenly across your servers, which helps to prevent downtime and ensure optimal performance.
Utho Load Balancer offers advanced security features that protect against cyber threats and attacks. These features include Encrypted SSL Certificates and 24x7 monitoring and management by our experts. With Encrypted SSL Certificates, your users' sensitive data is kept secure while also gaining their trust with the added security layer. Plus, our team of experts is always on hand to monitor your Load Balancer for any potential security threats and respond quickly to keep your business safe.
Yes, Utho's load balancer is fully customizable to meet your business needs. Our load balancer offers a range of configuration options, including SSL termination, URL routing, and session persistence. This means you can customize your load balancer to work exactly the way you need it to. Plus, our team of experts is always available to help you configure and customize it to meet your specific requirements.

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