Boost Performance with High Memory Instances

Power your memory-intensive applications to new heights of performance with High Memory Instances that ensure 4x faster speed.

Experience Lightning-Fast Performance

  • 4x speed
  • Unbreakable Security
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • High Memory Instances designed to meet the needs of memory-intensive workloads that require large amounts of RAM to run applications.
  • Ideal for a variety of use cases, such as high-performance databases, big data and analytics, machine learning, and high-performance computing.
  • Experience uninterrupted performance with High Memory, ensuring 99.99% uptime for your critical applications.
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Enterprise-Grade Performance

High Memory Instances built to provide enterprise-grade performance for memory-intensive workloads.


High Performance

Experience remarkable performance with High Memory Instances, ideal for memory-intensive workloads demanding optimal efficiency


Dedicated Resources

Exclusive access to dedicated CPUs and memory resources, providing faster performance and greater control over resource allocation.


Customized computing

Customize your instances based on your application's specific needs, such as how much memory and RAM you need.

Memory Optimize

Memory optimization

Designed for optimal memory performance and efficiency. Ensuring that your applications run smoothly and without interruption.

Say Goodbye to Overpriced Cloud Services

Basic Virtual Machine Cost

Get predictable pricing with our all-in-one packages, and start saving today. Compare and choose the best cost-effective options against top cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure.

1 GiB Memory | 25 GiB Storage | 1,000 GiB Bandwidth
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Easily Deploy & Scale, Customize with Confidence

Utho's compute family

Match your application use case with the right compute resource.

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Absolutely! We understand that every business has unique application requirements, which is why we offer the ability to tune your High Memory Compute Instance to your specific needs.
High Memory Compute Instances are perfect for workloads that require large amounts of system RAM, such as in-memory databases and caches. They are also great for running heavy-duty enterprise-grade performance workloads, such as analytics, machine learning, and more.
Yes, High Memory Compute Instances are a cost-effective way to run memory-intensive applications on dedicated CPUs. With High Memory plans, you get more RAM without increasing storage or vCPUs, making them a great option for businesses looking to optimize their budget.
We provide 24/7 Human Support. Our support team is available around the clock to assist with any issues or questions you may have.
We take security very seriously and have implemented a variety of measures to protect our customers' data and applications. High Memory Instances service includes multiple layers of security, including network isolation, firewalls, and encryption, to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

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