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Experience the future of virtual cloud desktops with Utho, a pioneering solution that seamlessly integrates into your digital workspace. Utho's virtual cloud desktop service is not only cost-effective but also swift, providing scalable solutions. Our user-friendly approach – no need for extensive training or certifications for cloud desktop deployment, making it easy for everyone.

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A virtual desktop solution is like having your computer stuff, like apps and files, stored on a faraway computer instead of your own. You can still use them as if they were on your computer, but the actual work happens on that faraway computer. It's useful because it makes things flexible and easier to handle, especially if you have lots of computers to manage.
VDI, short for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is a technology that builds a virtual environment by dividing the computer hardware into various virtual desktops. These virtual desktops find their home on a central server.

A VM or A virtual machine is like a computer file that acts as if it's a real computer. It has its own CPU, memory, storage, and network interface – essentially, it's like building a computer inside another computer.
The number of virtual desktops a system can have depends on factors like available computing resources and the capabilities of the virtualization or VDI platform. Modern systems with sufficient resources can handle a significant number of virtual desktops, with some platforms supporting hundreds or even thousands on a single server. The practical limit varies based on the specific technology and hardware.
Yes, virtual desktops can be safe when implemented correctly. By centralizing control, isolating desktops, and using secure access protocols, they can enhance security. Regular updates and adherence to best practices are crucial for maintaining a safe virtual desktop environment.

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