Frequenty Asked Questions

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Cloud Server

We use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) on our cloud platform infrastructure for the cloud server.
You can deploy server with Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows and CoreOS, You can check all Operating System List here, If you need custom OS you can ask our support team for availability.
Yes, Since allocated RAM, Disk, IP, CPU and other resources reserved for your stopped cloud server, therefore we charge until you destroy cloud server.
Yes, you’ll get 1 ipv6 address with your cloud server.
Yes, You can upload your own ISO.
Yes, You can add additional IPv4 address from cloud platform with additional cost.
Our all Cloud server are self Managed and you need to manage it yourself, We provide support only if your server is not responding or you are not able to connect to console, We are here 24x7 to make sure your server is up and running, If you need managed services you can contact our support team for the pricing of managed services and We'll be get back to you asap.
No, We do not allow streaming on cloud servers.
Yes, We provide custom reverse DNS entries for your virtual machine IPs and can be updated from cloud platform.
Cloud Servers are billed hourly unless you have changed your billing cycle. The hourly rate is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 672 hours (28 days).
Yes, You can enable auto weekly backup for your cloud server at 20% cost of your cloud server monthly billing, You can use these backups to restore your cloud server or deploy a new cloud server from the backups.
No, Bulk mailing is strictly prohibited in our infrastructure.
If the bandwidth usage exceed the allocated limit it will be charged at INR 3.5/GB.
Yes, We do provide API and you can generate your API key from your account.
Our cloud comes with a clean OS installed and you will be having full root/administrator to install any additional software you require, You can check our pre-installed app list if you able to find matched apps you can simply deploy or rebuild with the pre-installed app, If any of app has a licence cost you have to pay license cost to the particular app provider or check license availability directly with us by contacting to our support team.

Load Balancer

Load balancer is ready to use in just 30 to 60 seconds only.
Utho Load balancer support Round Robin and Least connection algorithm. (Round Robin: Requests are distributed across the group of cloud servers sequentially Least connection:Request is sent to the server with least connection)
No, The communication between the Load balancer and Cloud server goes through the internal traffic, therefore, we do not charge extra for bandwidth.
You can add multiple server in a single load balancer,We have not defined any limit for that.
Yes, IP address of the load balancer is dedicated for the load balancing you have deployed during the entire lifecycle. Changing the load balancer configurations and listening rules will not affect the IP address.
Yes, Our Load balancer supports redirection from HTTP to HTTPS
No, We only support the server hosted in our network in the same Datacenter Location with the load balancers
Yes, Our Load Balancers come with the SSL Certificate free of cost Through Let’s Encrypt.


No, We do not charge for DNS, It's 100% Free for our all cloud users.
Our DNS name servers are and
No, once you will add domain in your server after that you have to add domain under DNS section by using Add new domain option and point to your server IP.
We would recommend to use our DNS Server instead of installing DNS on your own server as roundinline server consume more server resources. However if you want to use roundinline on your own server so you can install.


We do not charge for firewall,It's a feature of our cloud platform to provide more security for your cloud server.
You can create a firewall from the cloud platform and add particular server to the firewall with your custom rule as per your application requirement.
There is no limit for firewall rules, You can create multiple rules inside your firewall.
We have not defined any limit for servers in the firewall, You can add multiple servers in a single firewall.