Reliable and Scalable Block Storage.

Power your business's growth with world-class block storage solutions built for scalability.

Unlock the full potential of your data storage


Easily Manage

Store and retrieve data in fixed-size blocks or chunks, perfect for optimal-performance.


Existing infrastructure

Advanced block storage solutions designed for high-performance, scalability, and seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Why Utho For Cloud Block Storage

Compare and evaluate different storage options and find out how Utho is more reliable than other providers and make an informed decision on which solution best meets your needs.

Business-Ready Block Storage with Ultimate Performance

Choose from an affordable HDD with up to 45TB capacity or a fast NVMe SSD with up to 10TB capacity.


Enjoy High-Speed Data Access

Store large amounts of data in a reliable and future-proof platform powered by High Speed SSDs and enjoy unbeatable speed.

Data Storage

Simplify Your Data Storage

Managing data storage doesn't have to be complicated. Utho makes it easy for you to store, organize and manage your data.


Data Availability Guaranteed

Your data is available and accessible at all times, even in the event of a failure or outage.


Affordable Price

Affordable block storage provides the storage you need at a price that fits your budget.


No additional costs. Pay for what you use.

Rs. 5 /GB per month

Start using block storage.

Boot from a Block Storage Volume

Block storage volumes are presented as a regular drive to your Server. This means you can netboot from it or use it as your root directory.

Add Volumes to Your Configuration Profile

Easily map volumes to your Servers by changing the order in which the drives are presented inside the Server.

Block Storage Volumes Look Like Local Disks

Block storage volumes show up as if you plugged in a new drive to your Server. Format and use it just like a regular disk. No special software is required to use the service.

Hot-Plug Volumes into and out of Running Servers

Work faster without reboots. Attach and detach events are seemingly instantaneous, allowing you to move drives between systems in seconds.

Experience Value-Added Features


API-driven Management

Easily spin up or spin down your storage and pay only for the hours you use, all through our user-friendly API.


Flexible and Scalable

Scale your block storage volumes without modifying your cloud instance local disk, and enjoy the freedom to expand as your needs grow.

Have Any Questions?

Don't Worry, We've Got Answers!

Yes, block storage solutions are designed to scale seamlessly as your business grows and your data storage needs increase. You can easily add or remove storage capacity as needed, without disruption.
Yes, it is compatible with a wide range of infrastructure and software applications. Our experts can help you integrate our solution with your existing systems to ensure a smooth transition and optimal performance.
Yes, our solutions are optimized for high performance and speed, making it ideal for demanding workloads such as databases, analytics, and virtual machines. We use advanced technologies to ensure fast and efficient data access and retrieval.
Yes, our block storage solutions are designed with security in mind. We implement multiple layers of protection to safeguard your data from unauthorized access or data loss. Our experts can help you design and implement the right security measures for your specific needs.

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